Second Generation

One step closer to nature – Twice as slow, twice as good

The 2nd Generation of Hurom Juicers preserve the natural taste and nutrition of fruits and vegetables by gently squeezing and pressing them through its leading-edge Slow Squeezing Technology ’ instead of grinding them like other juicers.

  • Generation 2 Technology
  • 45rpm Cold Press Process
  • Highest Yield on the Market
  • 2 Ultem Strainers Included
  • 10 Year Warranty

Global innovated technology of Hurom, SST™ Hurom’s leading-edge, innovative, and patented second generation SST™ Hurom’s original innovation, SST™, slowly squeezes ingredients minimizing the cause of friction or frictional heat and helps to preserve natural taste and nutrition.

Easily mix a wide variety of ingredients. The juice cap makes it easy to mix an assortment of ingredients with in the chamber so there is no need to stir after pouring. Users can create a variety of mixed, healthier and thicker juice using preferred ingredients , as well as soy or nut milk, baby food, and juice as a meal.

I whant one 450 €

General Specifications:

  • done Model Name: HH Series 2nd Generation
  • done Colour: Dark Grey, Wine Red, White
  • done Voltage: 230-240V
  • done Frequency: 50 Hz
  • done Power Consumption: 150 W
  • done RPM: 43 rpm
  • done Cord Length: 1.4m (4.5 ft.)
  • done Motor: Single Phase Induction (A/C)
  • done Fuse: 125V 5A - 250V 8A
  • done Weight: 6.2 kg (13.6 lbs)
  • done Dimensions (LxWxH): 249 x 171 x 398 mm.
  • done Warranty: 10 Years on Motor, 2 Years on Parts.
  • done Standard usage time: Less than 30 minutes continuously


  • done Squeezing Type : 2st generation SST™
  • done chamber Type : 2nd generation chamber
  • done Chamber Capacities : 16.9 oz (500 ml)
  • done Cap type : juice cap type
How much is a cup of juice How much is a cup of juice